ARYATECH know exactly the most of you and your client want, that's why our product can be customized to fulfill the requirement. With good facility, engineering and workshop. We build a good product as our commitment for the customer satisfaction


Because of our main product is electrical panel, automatically we have a great electrical team with so many experience to provide electrical service solution to fulfill your requirement. From planning and engineering to install and commissioning.


Not only electrical product and service, we also have a mechanical team that giving big support to electrical team to make sure the system is running well. So can create the satisfaction for you and your customer, when the system is reach the expectation.

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Dear Customer,

CV. ARYATECH was established on october 2008, to meet the increasing demand of good an safe mechanical and electrical product in Indonesia.
It is an honor and pride for us, to be able to participate and contribute actively implement opportunities and expectations for progress toward
the nation.

CV . ARYATECH is a private company that based in Cikarang- Bekasi, Indonesia. With the main business selling costumized mechanical electrical product
and services. selling customized product and services are very crowded these days, is certainly an interesting thing for the business world,
as well as our already anticipated in these business areas. For that reason, the concentration of our efforts is to support the needs of General
Contractors, Mechanical, Engineering and Electrical Panel Maker.

Your Sincerely,